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Review: Purbeck Folk Festival 2012

Foot stomping, rain dancing, raw talent and the beautiful Dorset countryside, this is Purbeck Folk Festival 2012. PFF has everything you could possibly want from a festival; incredibly talented folk musicians and bands, a picturesque location and plentiful supply of locally produced delicacies and award-winning ales and ciders. Cheers to that!

Running throughout the bank holiday weekend (24-26th August), Purbeck Folk Festival was awe-inspiring, uplifting and managed to successfully encompass the broadest definition of ‘folk’.

What is on offer at Purbeck Folk Festival?

Not only does the festival showcase the most gifted folk musicians, it also offers; captivating poetry slam competitions, beard and moustache competitions, art and craft stalls, woodwork demonstrations, open mic sessions, workshops for fitness, drama and comedy, face painting, Morris dancing, tarot card reading and much more!

Who is the festival suitable for?

This festival has such a friendly, warm and vibrant feel, making it extremely ideal and suitable for the young, the old, families, couples and friends. There are plenty of activities for children over the weekend which just adds to the pleasant environment. This is also a rarity which is often not provided at other festivals.

Which bands/artists stood out in particular?

With such a fantastic and varied line-up it was extremely difficult to choose who to watch. The artists perform on one of three different stages (middle barn, long barn and an outdoor stage, the fire stage) throughout the day and evening. This is a brief selection of some of the artists I had the opportunity to enjoy over the weekend:

Larkin Poe– the song writing sisters really brought soul and joy to Dorset. A fantastic set by the pair, enjoyed by all!

KT Tunstall– headlining Saturday night KT certainly created a stir in the long barn! Her sound was electric, energetic and above all else entertaining. The Scottish singer knew how to work the crowd and we certainly loved her. Playing fantastic hits such as ‘Suddenly I see’ and ‘Other Side of the World’ the crowd were well and truly mesmerised by the chart-topping star.

Shooglenifty– this six piece band from Edinburgh was phenomenal. They played a variety of songs that combined traditional Scottish sounds, rock and electro pop with funky melodies and rhythms. A musical cocktail that sure tasted sweet. They are definitely highly recommended.

Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson– this pair are simply astonishing, bursting with such energy, creativity and flair you cannot help but fall in love with them. Described as ‘beauty and the beast’ they produce such beautiful, upbeat music; think folk, blues, stunning vocals and ladies and gentlemen you are a little closer to understanding what makes Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson tick! You really won’t be the same after these two.

The Penny Red– this four piece band from Wiltshire is a delight to watch. Their music is punchy, emotive and fresh, I can see this band going far with the charming voice of Jess Vincent seducing you on the way.

The Paper Shades– Sarah Dollar and Jon Rixon produce dreamy, acoustic music that really sounds great. They work well together on stage and are a joy to watch.

Ant Henson– Henson’s sound is undeniably infectious and captivating. His lyrics bare honesty, emotion and are the works of a hardworking and passionate, young songwriter. At the tender age of twenty-three Henson is an all-round entertainer and crowd pleaser: definitely worth a listen.

Chris Woodford– He is an incredibly talented young man and when let loose on a twelve string guitar you are unknowingly lured into his magical world. And boy, you won’t want to leave.

The Widowmaker– emotive, moving and mesmerising successfully sums up The Widowmaker. His music discusses on a satirical level, the reality and disillusionment of the modern world we live in. His sound can be described as atmospheric and affective; I can guarantee you will want to listen to The Widowmaker over and over again. Satisfyingly addictive.

Catherine Burke Band– Catherine Burke Band is an upbeat, folk band that uses humour well and are open, honest and downright entertaining.

What makes Purbeck Folk Festival so fantastic?

The rural countryside location, the very reasonable ticket price (which includes camping), the array of unique musicians, interactive events running throughout the weekend and finally, perhaps most importantly, the wonderful people who attend and run the festival.

Help show your support for grassroot musicians. Think folk, think Purbeck Folk Festival 2013; book your tickets online now.

  1. September 22, 2012 at 12:35 PM

    Hello Rebecca,

    Nice review, I too went to the PFF myself and loved it. As a local I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been before and will definitely be attending next year with my family. I created a small post on my website about my folk festival experience from my families point of view. Hopefully it will encouragew others to go next year. If you want to take a look the address is http://www.swanagecampsites.co.uk/event-reviews/purbeck-folk-festival-2012/

    The Moulettes was the best act for me, just awesome, folllowed closely by KT Tunstall who I had seen before and was the main reason i bought the ticket.

  2. September 25, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    Yes it is such a fantastic festival and great location! Enjoyed reading your post and I am sure it will encourage others in years to come. It is such a welcoming festival for all which I really admired/liked.
    It is also a good opportunity to hear new music from local bands and musicians.
    Have you got any other festivals planned for next year?
    Thanks for reading my post too!

    • September 25, 2012 at 7:36 PM

      I am planning on getting round a few more local events and festival so I can give further reviews on my website (www.swanagecampsites.co.uk), although not sure whats coming up. I hope this will provide my readers with some good info about whats on in the local area. You may of noticed the events calender on the site also, through out the winter I aim to get this full up with local events for people to browse.

      How about you, any more planned, or that you recommend?

      ps. feel free to ‘like’ my site on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/swanagecampsites


      • October 31, 2012 at 9:00 AM

        I have indeed liked your site.
        I would suggest HoneyFest as a good, local festival. I went last year and it was a lovely weekend; great atmosphere, local food and talented musicians.
        I would suggest writing winter orientated activities for your readers. It is always nice to know what is going on during the winter months, as it seems to go very quiet because of the weather.

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