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The Technological Advance on Human Interaction

In a world where the internet is quite possibly the fastest way to find out information or communicate, we can still be left feeling quite lonely or lost. I haven’t posted on this blog for months on end but what I have been doing is spending more time with friends, family, being creative offline and making memories. Not just snapping on Instagram every day for 20,000 likes. I am not saying I am perfect (in any way) or that I have deleted my social media but I think it is to remember just how important technology is in our lives.

I stumbled across this video, ironically on Facebook the other night and it certainly rings a few truths:

If you are a 90’s child like myself then some of these will definitely make you smile; the old dial-up tone, logging onto MSN after a day of school or taking your anti-shock portable CD player on long car journeys to Devon.

We (speaking for other 24/25 year olds) are definitely the generation that has lived and breathed the way new technologies have crept slowly into our everyday lives. These 35 instances remind me of how novel and refreshing it was to experience and interact with such amazing technology. However on the same footing, it also reminds me not to be complacent with online ‘likes’ or ‘convos’ and to really just take the internet with a pinch of salt! Social interactions are certainly not something to be forgotten.

Instead of texting your friend for half an hour to arrange a meet-up, just pick a time and date AND stick to it. I have reserved any further rants.

BRB got to make a cup of tea – dial up- ….(Tweet, Like Posts, snap on Instagram etc.)

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