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All good things come to an end…

I haven’t posted on this blog for over a year and naturally I feel like its “online life” has come to an end.

I originally started this blog as part of my university course and it definitely can be said to have ‘sparked my interest in online blogging’; which has since boomed, and for some individuals has turned into their career. I will always be grateful for this insight.

Since graduating, I have turned my attention more to my diet and love experimenting with new recipes or spending hours baking in the kitchen. This encouraged me to start up my food and lifestyle blog. I will be continuing to blog over on that site, so please do feel free to sign up to email alerts / bookmark my page.

Thank you to all the followers over the last few years and I hope you have enjoyed reading the content I have provided on Rebecca’s Rambles.

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The Technological Advance on Human Interaction

In a world where the internet is quite possibly the fastest way to find out information or communicate, we can still be left feeling quite lonely or lost. I haven’t posted on this blog for months on end but what I have been doing is spending more time with friends, family, being creative offline and making memories. Not just snapping on Instagram every day for 20,000 likes. I am not saying I am perfect (in any way) or that I have deleted my social media but I think it is to remember just how important technology is in our lives.

I stumbled across this video, ironically on Facebook the other night and it certainly rings a few truths:

If you are a 90’s child like myself then some of these will definitely make you smile; the old dial-up tone, logging onto MSN after a day of school or taking your anti-shock portable CD player on long car journeys to Devon.

We (speaking for other 24/25 year olds) are definitely the generation that has lived and breathed the way new technologies have crept slowly into our everyday lives. These 35 instances remind me of how novel and refreshing it was to experience and interact with such amazing technology. However on the same footing, it also reminds me not to be complacent with online ‘likes’ or ‘convos’ and to really just take the internet with a pinch of salt! Social interactions are certainly not something to be forgotten.

Instead of texting your friend for half an hour to arrange a meet-up, just pick a time and date AND stick to it. I have reserved any further rants.

BRB got to make a cup of tea – dial up- ….(Tweet, Like Posts, snap on Instagram etc.)

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Backcountry (2014) Film Review

October 21, 2015 2 comments

Can you imagine being hunted by a black bear in the outback? Without a phone, a weapon or someone to help you? If this doesn’t terrify you then you need to watch Backcountry (also known as Blackfoot trail).

This film, (based on a true story), is in one word: chilling. It taps into human emotions of fear and the ability to fight for survival. In a nutshell the plot is a couple go on a camping trip in the Canadian wilderness, but it soon takes a turn for the worse as they become lost without food or water and to make matters worse they soon discover they are being hunted by a black bear. It is a simple narrative but one that resonates.

I know I will be the first to admit that throughout the film I had a sense of fear (and nausea) in the bottom of my stomach. Their reality is so terrifying to watch and let unravel. We may think we are the ultimate hunters, however when in the wild, without weapons, we are vulnerable.

The production

Backcountry is a low-budget film that does not rely on special effects nor fancy techniques, but instead, relies on the situation unfolding to create terror and suspense. The lack of blood, guts and gore leaves your imagination running wild.

“In the true story, they got attacked at a campsite in the backcountry and he fought off the bear with a knife the best he could while the bear was mauling his girlfriend.  He put her in a canoe and they were like three hours out in the deep backcountry, so it wasn’t looking good and she passed away, sadly, in the canoe on the way.  The canoe is a big symbol for me in the end of the movie.  That’s what it’s based on.  It’s based on a tragic occurrence, but the sad part is, this happens again and again.  This happened many times.  There’s an older couple in Algonquin that was murdered in their sleep, eaten in their sleep by a black bear in Algonquin Park.  This is real stuff.”

You can read more from the Director, Adam MacDonald in this interview.

Overall I think the director manages to tastefully tell this story in a hard-hitting and emotive way; it’s a story of tragedy and loss, yet at the same time hope. It is refreshing to see a strong female character leading the narrative. Her resilience and strength is inspiring and captivating throughout. You find yourself praying for her survival.

Where would you run to? Where would you sleep? Do you think you’d survive?

If you haven’t seen this film then I really would recommend it. If you take away the drama and characters, it ultimately reminds you to be sensible when you are out camping; pack the necessities, know where you are camping and be aware of nature/wildlife. Do your research and don’t be foolish thinking you know best.


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