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Autumn in Arundel!

Here are a few photographs taken on a brisk, autumn walk in Arundel. The chilly autumn air encouraged me to keep warm and take some snapshots on my Canon!

Arundel is a beautiful town, peaceful and idyllic, located in West Sussex. The main attractions include but are not limited to: Arundel Cathedral, Arundel Castle, WWT Arundel (Swanbourne Lake) and numerous pubs and restaurants to enjoy.

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West Sussex attraction: Highdown Gardens

These stunning gardens are a fantastic attraction, free to the public and open all year round. The gardens are also used for junior activities, theatre and ‘friends of Highdown’ are volunteers who help with the maintenance and general upkeep of the gardens.

At the gardens you will find a pleasant variety, including:

  1. Tree and Shrub Area
  2. The Herb Garden
  3. Himalayan Birch Bark Cherry Avenue
  4. The Chalk Pit
  5. Himalayan Musk Rose
  6. The Bamboo Pond
  7. The Cave Pond
  8. Hellebore Bank
  9. The Paper Bark Maple
  10. The Rose Garden
  11. The Beech Wood
  12. Judas Tree
  13. Greek Wind Flower
  14. Rosa ‘Highdownensis’
  15. Middle Garden Island Beds
  16. Tree planted by Queen Mary
  17. Cotoneaster serotinus glaucophyllus (now lost)
  18. Acid Beds
  19. Pittosporum tenuifolium
  20. Rose ‘Wedding Day’
  21. Lower Island Beds
  22. Fig Border
  23. Strawberry Tree
  24. Indian Horse Chestnut
  25. The Drive
  26. Highdown Towers

Here are a few photographs of the beautiful Highdown Gardens in West Sussex. See the website for more information.

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