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28 rhyming couplets on ‘A lesson in life’

It happens to all of us, one of these days,

You think it’s nothing, ‘You’re going through a phase’.

Here have one, he says, as he hands it across,

She says don’t do it, pst, it’s your loss.

Pop in the pill and it’s all forgotten,

My heads dizzy, I’m feeling so rotten.

Bile creeps into my throat and I start to heave,

I’m thinking in my head, I really must leave.

Blocked out faces and murmurs of sound,

Suddenly a thump and I’m kissing the ground.

Lights sparkle fast and I feel eight years old,

I’m losing heat and it’s getting so cold.

My fingernails claw at the carpet in sheer need,

My heads gushing and I can see myself bleed.

I can’t move a muscle or bear to speak,

I’m losing control and feeling so weak.

Trying to impress and look super cool,

When in fact, I’m sixteen, and head boy at school.

My eyes peel open, and to my shock,

It’s a bright white room with a noisy clock.

I look down but can’t let out a scream,

My body’s disfigured and covered in cream.

My eyes shut tight and I can hear them talk,

“I’m sorry Mrs Smith” and they start to walk.

A voice grumbles in front of my face,

I can feel my heart pounding and picking up pace.

Drugs, drink and driving all ends here,

He switches off the monitor and out runs a tear.


28 rhyming couplets on ‘Life’

The stages of life are set in stone,

Each person feels independent and the need to Roam

But I’ll let you into the greatest secret of all,

We all cross paths, starting in school.

Milk cartons and cow biscuits taste so good,

Playing hop scotch and conkers all day if we could,

Then big school where mum says your be fine,

And the first day, crikey, you’re not even on time.

Timetabled lessons and different floors

And after a while it all starts to bore,

Get your GCSE’s done and you feel so old,

Reaching college, your strutting and bold.

Taking law, maths and art

Then the social life falls apart.

Revising and working, partying and more

Life feels like such as chore.

The summer comes and your fate lies there,

Looking at the paper you continue to stare,

Brookes, Bournemouth, Bristol or Bath,

Oh my, University, it sounds so daft.

Back up your belongings and off you go,

Striving for a career or that’s what they told you so,

Revising and working, partying and more

Life feels like such as chore.

Three years later down the line

Your chucking that hat and feeling on top of your prime

A year later and still no luck

You’ve been working on a farm and clearing out muck!

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