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30 days to ‘try something new’

It is nearly half-way through the year and by now we all hope to have achieved something; whether it is big or small. It could be a set of qualifications, it could be learning to swim or it could simply be to better yourself in your current job.

Now is the perfect time for self-reflection. Think about what you could change in your day to day routine to improve yourself, this could be mentally or physically. Once you have this goal or target maintain it for 30 days. (Don’t worry this isn’t going into a self-help guide). Only recently I stumbled across this video, by Matt Cutts, and it was the perfect reminder to make sure you look at your life, routine etc. and re-examine it.

This video inspired me and I am definitely driving forward with the next month ahead. “The next 30 days will pass whether you like it or not.” This phrase definitely resonated with me. What change(s) will you make for the next 30 days? 

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