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Google is going where perhaps no search engine has gone before…

“Where are we going?”

“Where they went.”

“What if they went nowhere?”

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you will be a fan of the prosperous future Google has in store. With a keen interest in technology Google have acquired Phonetic Arts and plan to expand voice output.

“Captain, life is not a dream.”

Speech to text is no longer being considered a dream or an idea seen in films, but is travelling closer to the ‘planet of reality’. Okay, I will surrender the Star Trek based semantic field. However, for those of you out there, far, far and beyond remember, resistance is futile.

Anyway returning back to Google we can see that on a small-scale, speech technology already exists at Google, with Google translate which offers translations between 57 languages using statistical machine translation. However, this new acquisition by Google seeks to expand text to speech with this new company that generates natural computer speech using recorded speech samples.

This investment is an exciting adventure into a more advanced technological future and could benefit many people and appliances, such as mobile phones.

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