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World hit by mysterious animal death epidemic

2 million fish have died in the Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland. Hundreds of dead birds have fallen from the sky in Louisiana. Australian homes have been flooded. 200 dead birds found on a bridge in Texas. 100 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish were found dead along the Brazilian coast. Hundreds of dead turtle doves in the streets of Faenza, Italy. A little closer to home in Britain, 40,000 dead devil crabs washed up along Kent’s coast.

With deaths in such large quantities it has caused a stir amongst scientists, the media and the public. So are these incidents related to one another?

Many conspiracy theories have hinted at religion being behind the deaths. A warning from God or prediction from the Bible. However magazines such as the New Scientist have said this is not the end of the World and not to fret. It has been suggested that New Year fireworks could have affected the birds. Polluted waters and plummeting temperatures were also suggested for the number of fish deaths. However this article only tackles two of the many incidents reported.

The Cool Jew website has suggested that the birds dying were a type of retaliation to Israel. Another rumour suggests the military are behind the deaths with Phosgene gas testing resulting in a number of bird deaths. Nacho Politico website has discussed this theory in more depth.

Bloomberg reports the deaths occurred after less than two weeks after a total lunar eclipse. Since then Google has been bombarded with people searching to uncover the mystery by searching for the key lexeme ‘bird‘. Conspiracy theorists have called these incidents the “Aflockalypse“.

So is it just a coincidence or is it something else? Many scientists have remarked that mass animal deaths are not uncommon in some parts of  the world and specifically America. Other scientists have suggested that the disturbances and deaths could have been caused by the continuous shifting of the (magnetic) North Pole (25 miles a year). In some of the cases testing has been undertaken however there are not yet satisfactory explanations for all of the cases. Do you believe the conspiracy theory? The religious theory? Or is it the environment beginning to collapse?

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The best physics sites of 2010

November 16, 2010 1 comment

Since leaving school I have left science far, far, behind and beyond (into the realms of space) and have put all of my energy and attention into my studies of the media, english language and drama. However, whilst browsing the web today, I starting burning a new flame (love) for physics.

The web awards 2010 awards the best physics websites available to readers on the internet. The websites were awarded in different categories ranging from best blog to best podcast. The awards were nominated by the general public and a panel of judges. Each website uses unique angles and perspectives to explain and create excitement about physics (accessible for all).

Have a look at the winners list to explore the different winning websites. These are my three top favourite from the winners:

  • Pop Sci – this online magazine discusses five distinct areas: gadgets, cars, science technology and DIY. It is easily accessible and has interesting articles. An article that caught my attention today was a virtual nightclub being sold for just over half a million dollars? Really, I hear you say. Yes.
  • New Scientist – a website offering questions and answers about everyday science. This website has everything and anything you could want to know.
  • S-cool revision – if you need to brush up on your GCSE and A-level science this website is ideal. It may come in handy if your children need help with homework or coursework. Be the well-informed scientist (parent) you have always wanted to be!
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