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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013: Magician show

Edinburgh Fringe 2013Over the years the Edinburgh fringe festival has been the stepping stone for many an actor, singer and comedian.  It’s not just  a Mecca for theatre lovers, but people who want to have a laugh, dance  and take in the sites of one of the most upcoming and inspirational cities within these British isles.

This fringe was my first, and wow what an experience; my only regret is that I didn’t stay longer.
But if you think that the fringe is a money-making scheme to capture the wallets of unsuspecting tourists, you would be wrong.

The past few years the Edinburgh fringe has introduced the “free fringe”, as an acting student this was just calling to me! The Free fringe covered everything; theatres, live music, stand up and magic. Magic was the start of our fringe expedition through the streets of Edinburgh. Now our magician didn’t go by the usual top hat and white rabbit gag. We were pleasantly surprised by a northern, ginger lad that went by the name ‘Dave the ninja ginger magician’. Now magic is by no means an easy job and as a society that constantly speculates and evaluates, a magician is always going to have a tough crowd. But this guy had the energy, the comic and the skills. He opened his show with ease and laughter, by declaring his similarities in appearance to fictional character, Ron Weasley as well as Chuckie from the children’s show, Rugrats. He may not have been a dynamo throughout the show, (bearing in mind this was his first day of the festival), but some tricks, were just unanswerable.

davidalnwickbOne trick that really wowed my friends and I was the ‘song trick’. Whilst waiting to enter the venue there was a dubious sign outside which requested every member of the audience to write the name of a popular song. For some reason I wrote Kiss by Prince: I’m not even a fan. Each piece of paper with a song written on it was to be folded into ‘quarters’, he was very adamant about this. Then the papers were put into a container. Nearing the end of his show of impressive card tricks and clever use of ‘ESP’ he returned to the folded up songs. Four members of the audience were requested to pick a piece of paper, myself included. Now the trick was that he would guess the song by playing his guitar; his only request was that we sing along in our head. Singing in your head no problem, that’s of course if you know the words and I’m very much ashamed for what I’m about to say, but I had ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns and Roses and the only part I knew was the chorus.

At this point I felt like the worst person in the world, in the space of a minute I could destroy a young man’s career because I didn’t know the words. But through the power of magic (I suppose), he did it. But of course that would be too simple for a magician to finish it like that. Whilst this was going on he had requested that random members of the audience write down 11 random numbers. The chosen numbers were then added up to equal an eleven digit number. This eleven digit number was then dialled from a member of the audience’s phone. A box which had remained on the stage throughout the show started to make noise. Inside the locked money box was a ringing mobile phone. (Ta-dah I hear you say). It went straight through to voicemail where a certain Ginger Ninja Magician was there at the other end, stating that he hopes he guesses the song ‘Sweet Child of Mine’.  Honestly I tried to figure it out but I’ve had no theories so far on how that ninja did it. Well that’s magic for you!

I truly think the fringe is something that everyone should experience, and now with the opportunities it offers with the free fringe, it is time to take advantage. However I think it’s important to remember that these performers are talented, yes they do this all for free, but as an audience we must acknowledge good work when we see it. Even if it’s a case of a couple of quid from your back pocket or even a note that remains scrunched up in your wallet, throw it in the bucket. Show these performers that the arts are not forgotten and that entertainment is still very much appreciated.

Visit the official Edinburgh fringe festival website here for more information on shows. Download the free Edinburgh fringe app to purchase tickets on the go and to find out which free shows you can attend.

Written by Charlotte Gibson, who is currently studying BA World Performance at East 15 Acting School.

Fringe festival 2013

Other Edinburgh fringe shows we highly recommend seeing:

Bad Bread: Glove Contractually – comedy trio tackling romantic comedies through a number of sketches, from ‘spermio and juliegg’ to a recreation of the famous tragic love film, Titanic, (bubble wrap and ice cubes are involved as well as mild spitting).

10 Films with my Dad – a father and son relationship based heavily on films, heartwarming and funny, this show is not to be missed! Free fringe show.

Phil Jupitus ‘Porky the Poet’ – Phil Jupitus aka Porky the Poet, eloquently recites a number of poems based on modern-day culture and important figures in society. His piece on Jeremy Clarkson is none other than spectacular. Go see him! Free fringe show.

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