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Fashion website review: Jane Shilton

Jane Shilton offer a wide range of shoes (for both sexes) and handbags. Whether you are after a pair of comfortable sandals for your holiday or a handbag for an evening out or snazzy high heels, JS will most definitely have something to suit you.

Their website makes online shopping really easy and enjoyable, with clear categories and a simple design. They offer a gift card option which makes for a perfect present especially when time is limited. As a reliable company they are always engaging with their customers, with their website’s news feed and their social media, Twitter account (@JANESHILTON). On Twitter, they offer regular tweets to update consumers on company progress, run exciting product competitions and offer new product information (updates or changes).

Jane Shilton is based in London but does not limit its trade to the UK. They have presence worldwide from Europe through to China, Hong Kong and Singapore. This is good news for everyone (worldwide). They provide high quality, long-lasting shoes and handbags, and are highly recommended as a trustworthy company.

To stay one step ahead, see their latest shoe arrivals.


Christmas time, recycle this time!

December 23, 2010 4 comments

Designer and environmental campaigner Dame Vivienne Westwood has  reminded people to think before they buy clothes. “Do you really need those clothes?” She insists that people should refrain from buying anything for at least six months. She offers tips on how to recycle clothes.

To hear such words of wisdom from a well-known designer emphasises the importance of materials in our lives. In an age where it is rare to find females/males who are able to sew, repair clothing or use a sewing machine this movement is exactly what we need. It would also encourage more interest in fashion and a revival of needlework crafts.

Westwood advises buying ‘classic’ long lasting clothing so that it can be repaired, revamped and recycled continuously. This is invaluable advice which we can all take forth into our lives.

So when buying outfits for Christmas day or New Years, stop and think. That LBD that you wore last year for the staff party, how can you make it look sexy, sleek and ‘new’ this year? Why not sew a red lace trimming around the edge, add vintage buttons or shorten the dress’ length. Accessorise with beads or a scarf that may be lurking at the back of your wardrobe.

Enter 2011 with a new attitude. Hold back the clothing budget until mid June or July and reuse, recycle and rejuvenate your existing wardrobe. Not only will you be helping yourself but you will be helping the environment. Satisfy yourself and let your creative juices flow! Who knows, you could be the next fashion icon.

Fashionable Google

November 22, 2010 3 comments

Last week Google launched in New York. Google introduced the virtual shopping centre website tailored to fit any customer. The website will only ship to customers in America however have expressed the desire to expand and bring the ‘new’ shopping experience to the UK.

The website offers a good range of women’s fashion (lines for men coming soon): shoes, clothes, bags, accessories and designer looks. The USP of the website is focused on you (the customer). The registration seeks to determine your personal style and preferences. Six questions aim to direct you to the most personalised shopping experience.

The website is easy to use offering users the chance to explore fashion to their heart’s content. Users can browse, save, add favourites, see recommendations and filter choices specifically to personal choice.

For many alert viewers you may notice Google cannot be seen on the website but as discussed by ‘The Next Web‘ article the visual search technology stems from Google’s acquisition of the website Like for an estimated $100 million.

So is this a fashion crisis for Google?

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