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Book review: The Chocolate Run, Dorothy Koomson

This is one tasty read for chocolate-fueled females after a delightful read. The Chocolate Run beautifully explores the difficulties of choosing the ‘right chocolate bar’, boyfriend and life. If you have ever pondered over a Mars, Flake or Twirl you will undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic book, written by award-winning author, Dorothy Koomson.

The main character, Amber Salpone, finds herself sleeping with her best friend, Greg Walterson and low and behold starting a secret affair. The only trouble is, he has a very promiscuous past which leaves Amber feeling uncertain and confused. To make matters worse Amber is reluctant to let him into her life or introduce him to her dysfunctional family and she can definitely be described as a commitment-phobe. Her best friend Jen changes throughout the novel, from being her ultra nice friend to manipulative and sly; the strains of their relationship make a grabbing read and lead to surprising revelations!

Full of twists and surprises The Chocolate Run is a 9/10! A must-have for readers who enjoy chocolate, themes of love, sex and uncertainty and above all else, a well-written novel.

‘I didn’t mean to, honest to goodness I didn’t. It just happened.’


Paying our way to a lighter future

November 16, 2010 4 comments

The government is considering taxing fatty foods in order to reduce obesity. The BBC emphasise the increase of obese people in the last twenty years and that our country can not ignore this warning. A fatty good tax, is a (needed) wake up call and signal to society that change needs to happen, and soon. As quoted from the BBC article :

“Would putting up the price of junk food – with its high sugar and fat content – cut these rising obesity rates in the same way as a tax on cigarettes – vigorously contested by the tobacco industry at the time – has helped reduce smoking?”

Last night, Panorama aired a documentary, ‘Fat Tax’, with reporter Shelley Jofre, discussing the tax being enforced and the positive effects. As discussed by Private Healthcare the programme did not offer a new or fresh angle to obesity, however, it was informative but not necessarily inspiring for all viewers.

I think it is important to address the issue of obesity but there are a lot of unanswered questions with this approach. Who would decide what is ‘fatty food’ exactly? In order for effective taxing on ‘fatty foods’ the public and governing body would need to define what is ‘fatty food’. This term has been used continuously and repeatedly by media organisations and I for one feel it has lost a lot of value, content and effect. In a supermarket you may have heard something along these lines, “Oh no I am not eating that. That’s junk food. Yuk. It’s fatty food”. I feel there is a need to remind and update the meaning behind the phrase of ‘fatty food’ in order for us to progress as a healthy eating nation.

I feel this tax is forgetting a key aspect in battling obesity. Yes you guessed correctly. Exercise. We need to promote and encourage physical exercise in our lives and different lifestyles. Whether it is half an hours yoga in a morning, to participating in a particular sport, jogging every couple of nights, joining a club or society or attending a dance class. There needs to be more focus on media hype and publicity on the positive aspects on combatting obesity. Surely, a positive approach to such a negatively discussed issue would motivate people?

So don’t starve me of information now, as I need to know, would you pay a little bit extra for that one slice of chocolate cake? So rich, dark and velvety that simple melts on your tongue. A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips. And also on the bank debt. Or would you (as they hope), seek a healthier alternative and a quick fix to a ‘better’ body?

See the full Panorama ‘Tax the Fat’ programme

Is Cadbury’s new advertisement really bliss?

October 28, 2010 1 comment

The new ‘Cadbury Bliss advertisement’ was launched on 16th October between the ad breaks of the reality television show – The X factor. Viewed by millions of people, the new advertisement promoted the Cadbury bliss chocolate bar being consumed in a luxurious, classy and pampered world.

Since the first Cadbury chocolate bar in 1905, the company has continued to successfully satisfy and fulfil customer’s needs. We all need to know – what is the secret recipe to Cadbury’s success in the UK?

  • 1824 John Cadbury, the son of Richard Cadbury, opens his shop at 93 Bull Street, Birmingham selling hops, mustard and a new sideline — cocoa and drinking chocolate
  • 1897 – Cadbury manufactures its first milk chocolate
  • 1904 – New recipe is perfected by George Cadbury Junior for milk chocolate
  • 1905 Cadbury dairy milk is launched
  • 1908 – Bourneville plain chocolate bar is launched
  • 1915 – Milk Tray is launched and sold in 5 1/2 pound boxes which would be put out in trays to sell to customers milk and plain trays
  • 1920 – Cadbury Flake is launched
  • 1929 – Cadbury Crunchie is launched
  • 1938 – Cadbury Roses launched with iconic blue packaging and wrapped assortment sweets compete in the market
  • 1948 – Cadbury Finger Fudge is launched
  • 1955 – Television advertisement for drinking chocolate
  • 1956 – Cadbury supply Roses for a Royal tour of East Africa
  • 1957 – Cadbury commission thirteen one-minute films promoting the harvesting of the Cadbury chocolate ingredient
  • 1969 – Schweppes joins Cadbury
  • 1970 – Curly Wurly is launched and flake sales increased due to popularity of television advertisements ‘Flake Girls
  • 1971 – Creme Egg is launched and Pascalls is bought by Cadbury, with Eclairs becoming the second largest brand in the company (at that time
  • 1979 – The advertising  “say thank you with Cadbury Roses” is introduced
  • 2005 Cadbury Schweppes acquires Green & Black’s, the UK premium chocolate brand
  • 2007Wispa relaunched after an internet campaign to bring it back into production
  • 2008 – Curly Wurly voted best ‘retro’ chocolate bar still in general production and creme Egg Twisted is launched
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