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Film 4OD Enters Film Rental Market

Channel 4  has launched Film4oD – a digital film rental service. The new service is cheaper than current film rental services such as Lovefilm and Blinkbox. The films are available for forty-eight hours and the costs will range from 50p to £3.99.

I feel this will be a massive success as channel four’s internet service, 4OD, currently has a large audience as it offers the best of channel four’s aired television shows from comedy, documentary, drama, news, entertainment and politics. These existing users will therefore also be keen to indulge in Film4oD.

Slumdog millionaire was a hit due to the promotion on ‘Film4′ and this new service could be seen to contribute to future films success’. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Shutter Island are amongst the best sellers!

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