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Lewes bonfire night 2010

November 9, 2010 1 comment

Every year Lewes offers the most spectacular yet controversial bonfire night in the country. With fire, drums, pagan rituals, burning crosses and topical figures being burnt, Lewes never fails to cause chaos. This year was no different.

On 5th November 2010 Lewes welcomed an estimated 40,000 people to witness the phenomenal event. Lewes offered people six different bonfire sites and fireworks until midnight.

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The procession through Lewes town was very colourful with burning crosses (anti-Catholicism), poppies to ‘remember’, fire rolling down the hill and a variety of historic costumes (the Greek and Roman world to mention a few). The carnival atmosphere was definitely in the air along with the festive vibe and laughter.

After watching some of the procession, I decided to go to the Waterloo Bonfire SiteĀ  (where I spent the rest of my evening). The Waterloo society has the motto “True to Each Other” shown through the family orientated tradition of the society. The society created a superb bonfire being lit by ‘Victorians’. The bonfire was simply overwhelming:

(The sea of flames from the Waterloo Bonfire)

Fireworks began after the bonfire began to simmer and the display was glorious. With a variety of fireworks, from catherine wheels to willows to time rains , no one was left disappointed. The Waterloo society put on a fantastic show .

Overall the evening could be described as lively, energetic, full of diversity and overall a good night out. However, even this does not communicate just how tremendous Lewes bonfire night was and how people left in a feeling of awe. Lewes bonfire night always offers controversy and fun, and is often regarded as a ‘non pc’ event but it is definitely not to be missed. People of all ages and distances, travel to East Sussex for this one night and it always promises to be memorable.

For more videos from the night see YouTube

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