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Twit-twoo, calling all Twitter novelists!

October 21, 2012 6 comments

Do you love digital media? Do you love social media websites? Do you love the beauty of writing and being completely submersed in your creative world? Then you have to enter this fantastic festival that I stumbled across: Twitter Fiction Festival. If you want to be part of the Twitter Fiction Festival then submit your ideas online now. The competition closes on the 15th November 2012, so get your twitterific ideas submitted as soon as possible.

The Twitter Fiction Festival runs for five days from 28th November 2012. The festival will be running online and has been born out of the Twitter hashtag #twitterfiction. This is a fantastic opportunity for writers to push the boundaries of publishing and storytelling. A great way for writers to test their writing skills in the online universe and platform, Twitter. Five days of stories and tales from all corners of the world.

Have you ever had to reduce the word count, or delete a few words here and there? Do you like the idea of a story limited by characters? Some writers may feel restricted by the small box on Twitter. However some authors have already made their mark using Twitter; Jennifer Egan is a perfect example. Egan used Twitter to post her short story, “Black Box”. She posted a tweet a minute for one hour each day, over an eleven day period. 8,500 words separated by the limitations of Twitter. Was this a good way to tell a story? Well, her story was carefully crafted and polished but received mixed opinions.

In my opinion, Twitter opens up new and exciting possibilities to a story while the 160 character tweet limit ensures structure and format. Discipline for the writer. It also offers the possibility for photographs to be added alongside the text, bringing a more visual and realistic element to the storytelling. The audience is also unrestricted and this is great news for authors of all genres. The real-time broadcasting will also make the festival vibrant, fun and engaging. We can all absorb the same story, at the same time. Who said the internet can’t bring us together?

Could it even be targeted at younger readers? Gather the children, the slippers and huddle around the warm fire, oh and your laptop!

@PrincessFi Once upon a time in Twitter land…

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London Acoustic Guitar Show 2012: Sandi Thom

The London Acoustic Guitar Show 2012, in association with Acoustic Magazine, gave guitar enthusiasts and fans and the chance to come together to celebrate the sheer brilliancy of the acoustic guitar. This two-day event, running from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd September 2012, was a tremendous success and truly memorable weekend.

The event, at Olympia Conference Centre, gave visitors a fantastic weekend or day out. Acoustic brand exhibitors displayed the highest-quality guitars and accessories of today. Visitors could choose their own schedule; whether that was attending a masterclass, sitting in the acoustic cafe area and enjoying a relaxing performance or visiting the main stage and listening to their favourite musicians. The main stage could hold a capacity of 450 visitors. This meant each performance was intimate and unique, a rarity in comparison to other music events.

One of the main headliners of the event, Sandi Thom, really stole the show. Her performance on Sunday was energetic, enigmatic and captivating. Raw emotion and soul was definitely felt with her cover of ‘The Big Ones Get Away’. It was truly breathtaking, to witness the 31-year olds ability to sing each note with such determination and strength. Long gone are the days of ‘I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker’. Thom has grown from strength to strength.

She treated the audience to an insight into the roots of her musical career and childhood. As a young girl she loved Guns N’ Roses and her cover of ‘November Rain’ was something to be admired.

Her latest single, ‘Love You Like a Lunatic’, from the new album Flesh and Blood, was a self-reflective piece, beautifully sung and mesmerising, which we can all relate to. Flesh and Blood was recorded at Nashville’s renowned, 16 Tons studio, with Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson (production). If this doesn’t scream phenomenal music, expertly produced, what does?

Overall Sandi Thom’s performance showcased her outstanding talent and versatility as both a singer, songwriter and guitar player. Her fantastic new album is out now on iTunes, which I highly recommend! Follow Sandi Thom (@Sandi_Thom) or visit her website.

Mount Kilimanjaro: charity climb

Inspiration is a truly beautiful concept in life; it can help us learn, develop and grow. One of the most powerful ways to be inspired, I believe, is witnessing the true strength of others. Human beings are incredible.

I have been truly inspired, amazed and awe-struck by a close friend, Vicki Trust. She endured different challenges, both physically and mentally, as she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on 23rd July 2012. To put the challenge into context: Mount Kilimanjaro is not only the highest peak on the African continent but it is also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world!

It is estimated that around 25,000 people attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro every year. However, only two-thirds of these people are ever successful. This is usually due to altitude-related problems. Vicki triumphed and completed the climb in eight days while raising a fantastic amount of money for Down’s Syndrome Association. Read her challenge here…

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