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Tramlines 2013: Sheffield music festival


Tramlines festival (19th-21st July) was definitely one of my favourite music festivals of this year (along with the Isle of Wight 2013). This festival took place at various locations across Sheffield and was a 3 day event not to be missed! I was lucky enough to attend all three days and enjoyed a decent variety of music including folk, indie and progressive rock.

My favourite venues were most definitely city hall, O2 academy and devonshire green. Having stayed at the Premier Inn, Angel Street, I was able to meander from one venue to another within a few minutes. I advise anyone planning on attending this next year to stay here. It is reasonably priced, open 24 hours and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

My favourite acts from the weekend were Two Skies, I LIKE TRAINS, The Pineapple Thief and Amplifier. Two Skies played at Viper Rooms, their funky psychedelic sound complemented the two for one cocktails very nicely indeed! I must insist that this three piece band are worth checking out, they are described as ‘big sound offering soaring vocals’. If you haven’t heard of the other bands I have mentioned then head over to Spotify to find out what you are missing.

Tramlines is the perfect opportunity to simply stumble from one place to another and discover new bands and acts, from the local area as well as far and wide. Tramlines had such a happy vibe and atmosphere in comparison to some of the other festivals I have been to; the streets were filled with people of all ages looking to enjoy music and delicious food.

My highlight from the weekend has to be from one of the bands who played the crowd-pleaser “Rollin’ ” by Linkin Park in a car park based stage. You can imagine the scene already. If anyone knows which band this was do let me know! Beers flying with head banging, jumping festival goers was the only way to truly appreciate this song. Tramlines 2014 can’t come around soon enough!

Did you attend Tramlines this year?

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