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Halloween costume ideas and terrifying party games!

Surprisingly it is that time of year again, All Hallows’ Eve. So get your pumpkins carved, sweets and toffee apples at the ready and oh wait hang on… I haven’t got an outfit!

Simply Fancy Dress is an easy to use website offering a wide selection of fancy dress costumes. They have a section dedicated to Halloween fancy dress, including, but not limited to; zombie costumes, vampire costumes, devil costumes, ghost costumes, witch costumes and skeleton costumes. They offer a range of accessories, wigs and make up. All of their products are reasonably priced and they offer free 5 day delivery. So get yours in good time for next year!

Halloween games

  • Stuck for ideas for the children? See this blog from Netmums on games to keep your littles ones entertained. These games are cheap to fund and easy to organise.
  • Are you having a get together? Well organise some adult friendly games for you and your friends.
  • If you are after a quiet night, with the curtains drawn and candles lit, this is a scary film list ideal for Halloween. So pick four of these films, stock up on nibbles and invite your friends round for a terrific evening. You could even suggest all guests must come in fancy dress.

Policy Mic have published an interesting article discussing 13 strange facts about Halloween and why we celebrate it, so have a read!



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