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Cadbury’s new chocolate bar: only for women, dieting women.

Cadbury have revealed a new chocolate bar targeted specifically at women, called Crispello. This new treat is hoping to attract those women who are currently on diets or are calorie conscious. Each bar contains only 165 calories. Brilliant. This really does make me chuckle, “low-calorie chocolate bars” aimed at women on diets. Oh what a paradox!

The chocolate bar is divided into three equal portions, intended for women to really spread out their indulgence consuming chocolate. Only consuming one teeny piece at a time. All sounds very controlling, 1984. This seems also like a rather ridiculous concept. Everyone knows that chocolate is not healthy and to be separated into three sections is unnecessary. We are living in a (more) health conscious world. So they say. So will ‘less chocolate, less calories’ really sell?

The good news is, is Crispello only costs an affordable 50p! This does suddenly make it more attractive in comparison to the price currently of other chocolate bars. The new chocolate recipe also sounds extremely mouth-watering, three light and crispy wafer shells filled with a deliciously creamy centre and covered in a layer of double chocolate.

Despite the marketing and supposed USP (unique selling point) for Crispello, I am interested in having a bite… Only after one hard session in the gym though.



  1. emmaeagle
    October 7, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    Aha please let us know when you try it and your thoughts

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