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Book review: The Chocolate Run, Dorothy Koomson

This is one tasty read for chocolate-fueled females after a delightful read. The Chocolate Run beautifully explores the difficulties of choosing the ‘right chocolate bar’, boyfriend and life. If you have ever pondered over a Mars, Flake or Twirl you will undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic book, written by award-winning author, Dorothy Koomson.

The main character, Amber Salpone, finds herself sleeping with her best friend, Greg Walterson and low and behold starting a secret affair. The only trouble is, he has a very promiscuous past which leaves Amber feeling uncertain and confused. To make matters worse Amber is reluctant to let him into her life or introduce him to her dysfunctional family and she can definitely be described as a commitment-phobe. Her best friend Jen changes throughout the novel, from being her ultra nice friend to manipulative and sly; the strains of their relationship make a grabbing read and lead to surprising revelations!

Full of twists and surprises The Chocolate Run is a 9/10! A must-have for readers who enjoy chocolate, themes of love, sex and uncertainty and above all else, a well-written novel.

‘I didn’t mean to, honest to goodness I didn’t. It just happened.’

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