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Fashion website review: Jane Shilton

Jane Shilton offer a wide range of shoes (for both sexes) and handbags. Whether you are after a pair of comfortable sandals for your holiday or a handbag for an evening out or snazzy high heels, JS will most definitely have something to suit you.

Their website makes online shopping really easy and enjoyable, with clear categories and a simple design. They offer a gift card option which makes for a perfect present especially when time is limited. As a reliable company they are always engaging with their customers, with their website’s news feed and their social media, Twitter account (@JANESHILTON). On Twitter, they offer regular tweets to update consumers on company progress, run exciting product competitions and offer new product information (updates or changes).

Jane Shilton is based in London but does not limit its trade to the UK. They have presence worldwide from Europe through to China, Hong Kong and Singapore. This is good news for everyone (worldwide). They provide high quality, long-lasting shoes and handbags, and are highly recommended as a trustworthy company.

To stay one step ahead, see their latest shoe arrivals.

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