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Giffgaff: The uprising

If you haven’t seen or heard of Giffgaff yet, I can guarantee by the end of 2012 you will be aware of their presence. Giffgaff have branded themselves as a simple to understand mobile network: no contracts, just reasonably priced ‘goodybags’ for a sim only deal.

So how do you get started? Well order a sim card online and have it delivered to your home address. Worried you will lose your number? Fear not, with Giffgaff you can keep your mobile phone number. You simply insert a Giffgaff sim card, activate it and transfer your number across (instructions are provided by them). Then the fun begins.

For example, topping up your mobile by £15 a month will give you 400 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, unlimited UK data usage (within reason) and free calls to other users on Giffgaff. This well-developed ethos of mutuality and fair deals, runs parallel to Giffgaff’s ethics of: online use only, with a small close-knit team and second-hand items within their offices, which emphasises the team’s dedication to recycling.

Not only do Giffgaff offer ‘goodybags’ for your mobile phone, they offer ‘gigabags’ for your tablet pc and schemes such as, earning cash (credit) by recommendations. The online community, where users can ask questions to one another, is also another opportunity to earn cash. The Giffgaff schemes are honest and encouraging which makes the company stand out from the noise of other mobile phone services or providers.

Still not convinced? Well, even after you have used up your ‘goodybag’, Giffgaff still prove to be unbeatable within the pay as you go market. See the comparison of pay as you go providers.

I for one, truly advocate Giffgaff as the cost is low, the promise is high and you get a service which is understandable; a sim only deal. Forget the days of being bombarded by phone contract jargon. So, order your sim now and join the Giffgaff revolution.

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