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Book swapping: a novel idea

The Guardian is leaving 15,000 novels around the UK for people to find and read. Publishers and authors have joined this campaign to encourage reading and swapping books with one another.

The idea is to give your favourite novel away and leave a message within the cover for your ‘new’ reader. This is a fantastic idea and people can follow where books are left and the new journey their favourite novel has taken. You can follow this exciting adventure on Twitter: #guardianbookswap and upload photographs and a commentary following the progress of your swap.

Sharing books is an idea that has been around for a long time. Books clubs and societies ensure groups of people can empathise with one another on their precious novels. Swapping books also ensures they do not end up in your loft, being neglected and gathering dust. Readitswapit is an ingenious website that lets users swap their books for books they want to read, with the small cost of posting.

The internet also makes reading and novels more accessible. The Guardian are also offering this weekend a free audiobook download of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in the Saturday Guardian.

So prepare your favourite novel for a real adventure and read some helpful tips on swapping. Write that stranger a memorable note and get ready to book swap. The story begins this weekend.

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