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What a tweet Twitter is!

He is dead. No wait, reports have just said…. Click this link to find out more. Social media websites have become invaluable to us. Fact. Our fast paced lives mean we need to retrieve information quickly and efficiently. In my opinion, Twitter is by far one of the best examples of a versatile website used for social interactions, business opportunities and promotion, and fast delivery of information, most often media related. The last few weeks Twitter has been in the news continuously with many articles arguing, debating and discussing about the ‘privacy’ of Twitter. However, it is not solely Twitter that lets the ‘cat out of the bag’ for celebrities… (miaow)…

None the less Twitter is a fantastic website and as a user of the website (follow me @bexybex74) I have a few useful tips:

  • Twitter blog posted last week how Twitter has radically improved ‘searching’. The results will now be more relevant to you as a user, and when you search or click on a trending topic you will be able to view related photographs or videos. This has improved the overall use of media on the website: text, image and video.
  • To increase your readership use Timely which publishes your tweets at the ‘best time’.
  • Tweetmeme or Twitscoop are handy websites to find out what topics are being discussed most on Twitter.
  • If you love geography, then you will love Twittervision which shows where the latest tweets are being posted.

By using the websites as mentioned, Twitter can help you build an online community (networking). Enjoy the adaptability and vastness of Twitter and you may even find you can use the website to generate ideas or thoughts with like-minded individuals.

As a creative writer I plan to use Twitter to create short narratives that readers have to follow weekly. It creates a postmodern approach to literacy and the use of photographs and videos can bring a story alive. So, how will you use 140 characters?


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