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The biggest event of 2011?

The UK has recently been voted the ‘second most popular country‘ and that comes as no surprise when we are blessed with a monumental occasion on 29th April 2011. The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, or is it?

The media coverage of this event will be phenomenal yet until that date we will, and are, constantly overwhelmed with articles and videos speculating, scrutinizing and spying on the royals.

These are a mere selection of todays latest revelations:

However, there is a particular article that caught my eye on the BBC and it may please you, if like the article, you feel the events coverage, media framing and attention is just a little too much: the royal wedding naysayers.

Are you looking forward to the event? Do you reckon it will it help encourage marriage in Britain, as some people have argued? Or is the coverage too much? Are we focusing with blinkers on a wedding dress when we should be addressing other issues, such as Libya and our economy in the police force. Should we be ordering the official merchandise and planning our street party?

None the less Rebecca Craft’s world will be covering the event nearer the time, (but will resist) the urge to cover extensively the remaining seven and a half weeks until the big day…

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