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A sucker for True Blood

At University many students spend endless hours revising, researching and working hard sweating blood and tears to complete essays and meet tight deadlines. However as pressure mounts and deadlines edge that bit closer we all need to relax, escape and let our minds wander. This year (academic) I have escaped in a truly ‘fangtastic’ world called True Blood. Please excuse the playful language as it is merely distracting and reducing my review of True Blood already, but I feel it is needed to express the sheer enjoyment received from watching this programme. In three months I have indulged in all three series with (twelve episodes in each).

I know what you’re thinking. Am I a student who simply spends their time, energy and money viewing television programmes with square eyes?  No. Prior to True Blood I have never been interested or bothered nor addicted or a ‘fan’ of a particular show. However over the past few months I have become, to put it mildly, obsessed with True Blood. I have become an observant and critical media student appreciating an addictive yet clever series. Without writing an analytical essay on this series it can be recognised that the creator, Alan Ball has used codes and conventions effectively alongside a range of genres to attract the largest target audience. It has successfully stole my attention, can it steal yours?

The series (three, so far) are based on the books written by Charlaine Harris offering a raunchier, sexier version of vampires and a magical world. True Blood offers you shocking things you have never seen before and it is not for the faint hearted or the young.

Set in a fictional town, Bon Temps, Sookie Stackhouse (a waitress) discovers a new world of creatures when she falls in love with Bill Compton a vampire. Unlike other vampire stories such as Twilight, vampires are not a secret but are governed by laws just like humans, this adds to the tension when committing crimes throughout the series such as killing another vampire or a recurrent storyline draining a vampire for v (vampire blood). The vampire blood is very powerful with the ability to heal those who are wounded or nearly dying whilst also creating fantasy worlds for couples. Vampires are persuaded to drink Tru Blood- synthetic blood instead of killing humans. However you may find throughout the series this does not always satisfy even the “nicest” vampires.

The series offers a sexy insight into the world of humans and creatures, whilst an attractive cast offers pleasure for both male and female viewers. The main character Sookie Stackhouse is innocently portrayed with delicate beauty: a slim attractive blonde girl who  in the first few episodes (constantly) refers to her ‘virginity’. None the less her characteristics are sweet and endearing.

The creatures (vampires and werewolves) are attractive in appearance and the female vampires, especially, offer a raunchiness, darkness and lust. With their beautiful complexions, dazzling dress sense and unique characters (with different personalities) you cannot help but fall in love with the cast. Careful you don’t fall for a vampire, you may get used to the term fang-banger!

Each episode covers a variety of issues, dilemmas and problems. The storylines are tense, captivating and full of emotion keeping you glued to the screen or seat. Most of the scenes are very graphic and therefore the series is devoted to a young adult audience capable of being exposed to sexually explicit scenes and topics covering homosexuality, rape, lust, magic and pain. The episodes are fast paced and gripping and through the series you learn of betrayal, heartache and treachery. Needless to say you will hooked.

So what makes it different, more exciting and more enjoyable than any other vampire series we have watched or heard of before? Well I have asked myself that very question and it cannot be summarised in one lexeme. The programme offers viewers a believable world full of creatures, daring storylines which expose our instinctive animalistic traits, scenes heavily evoking sexual emotion, tension and seducing viewers subconsciously into the world of True Blood. Fans of the programme are eagerly anticipating the new storylines and twists in the fourth series, expected to be released summer 2011. So if I haven’t convinced you, try two episodes of True Blood and believe me you will be wanting more. Another bite. Only the true stuff (a joke- only to be understood by fans)…

In a culturally creative world with works such as Twilight, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, True Blood successfully earns credibility and captures the imagination whilst being based in a realistic world with many believable concepts and laws. It is sexy, enticing and most of all addictive. Although some people snigger and mock ‘fantasy works’ True Blood remains sophisticated and real and one definitely not to be missed. It captures love, pain, action and adventure whilst exploring the realms of magic, vampires, fairies, witches, shape shifter, werewolves and fairies (hopefully more in the fourth series).

To True Blood fans that cannot wait for the fourth series here is a sneaky ‘tease trailer’ and no doubt when we are able to enjoy the pleasures of the fourth installment Twitter will be chaotic with conversations. To those not converted yet (to the series that is), watch a few episodes and see what happens…

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