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Remember, remember, the whole of November

November goes off with a bang with the National Novel Writing Month offering the opportunity to all writers to fulfil the goal of writing a 175-page (50,000-word) novel ending at midnight, November 30.

This is a very exciting project which has been up and running for eleven years since 1999. It gives writers, of all abilities, the chance to write to their heart’s content. The rules state that you cannot use previous work so the pressure is on for new ideas and evolving storylines.

I would love the opportunity to immerse myself in a month of writing. Each day waking up and jotting down notes and ideas. Long nights fretting over syntax and lexical choice. Blasting words ferociously from my fingertips. 2,000 words a day (to be exact) in order to reach the tight deadline.  However, university currently consumes the majority of my time, so I will postpone my participation until November 2012.

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