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Is Cadbury’s new advertisement really bliss?

The new ‘Cadbury Bliss advertisement’ was launched on 16th October between the ad breaks of the reality television show – The X factor. Viewed by millions of people, the new advertisement promoted the Cadbury bliss chocolate bar being consumed in a luxurious, classy and pampered world.

Since the first Cadbury chocolate bar in 1905, the company has continued to successfully satisfy and fulfil customer’s needs. We all need to know – what is the secret recipe to Cadbury’s success in the UK?

  • 1824 John Cadbury, the son of Richard Cadbury, opens his shop at 93 Bull Street, Birmingham selling hops, mustard and a new sideline — cocoa and drinking chocolate
  • 1897 – Cadbury manufactures its first milk chocolate
  • 1904 – New recipe is perfected by George Cadbury Junior for milk chocolate
  • 1905 Cadbury dairy milk is launched
  • 1908 – Bourneville plain chocolate bar is launched
  • 1915 – Milk Tray is launched and sold in 5 1/2 pound boxes which would be put out in trays to sell to customers milk and plain trays
  • 1920 – Cadbury Flake is launched
  • 1929 – Cadbury Crunchie is launched
  • 1938 – Cadbury Roses launched with iconic blue packaging and wrapped assortment sweets compete in the market
  • 1948 – Cadbury Finger Fudge is launched
  • 1955 – Television advertisement for drinking chocolate
  • 1956 – Cadbury supply Roses for a Royal tour of East Africa
  • 1957 – Cadbury commission thirteen one-minute films promoting the harvesting of the Cadbury chocolate ingredient
  • 1969 – Schweppes joins Cadbury
  • 1970 – Curly Wurly is launched and flake sales increased due to popularity of television advertisements ‘Flake Girls
  • 1971 – Creme Egg is launched and Pascalls is bought by Cadbury, with Eclairs becoming the second largest brand in the company (at that time
  • 1979 – The advertising  “say thank you with Cadbury Roses” is introduced
  • 2005 Cadbury Schweppes acquires Green & Black’s, the UK premium chocolate brand
  • 2007Wispa relaunched after an internet campaign to bring it back into production
  • 2008 – Curly Wurly voted best ‘retro’ chocolate bar still in general production and creme Egg Twisted is launched
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