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Cheryl Cole and Piers Morgan

Cheryl Cole gave an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan, 23rd October, discussing her Malaria ordeal, recent divorce and her rise to fame :

Cheryl Cole emphasised how she had been avoiding any interviews with journalists until now, as she did not want to discuss her personal life with the media, it was not a “soap”. Probing questions from Piers about Cheryl’s marriage with Ashley Cole and the traumatic experience of malaria caused upset. The majority of the interview saw Cheryl fighting back the tears and speaking highly of everyone, including Ashley Cole. “Part of me will always love him”.

Cheryl Cole also offered an ‘exclusive’ interview for Guardian readers, but a similar article could also be read in The Sun newspaper.

So what do we take from this exclusive interview? Was it a one-off, exclusive interview, to try to bury all of the rumours that the public have read over the past few years about Cheryl Cole and Ashley, about malaria and about her rise to fame? Was it the chance for Cheryl to share her experience of surviving malaria. Had her new-found health urged her to face the media once and for all. The last suggestion is for the cynics amongst us,  or is it simply a coincidence that Cheryl Cole has a new album being released on 1st November 2010?

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